Sunday, April 18, 2010

Habits - find ones that work for you. This is a process, one that can be polished with support group attendance, and paying attention to your experience. I found MBSR (mindfulness based stress reduction) to be helpful to have perspective and stay in balance (or keep working toward it!)

link to Dr Kabat-Zinn's program

Duluth Clinic program (where I did training in 2006)

Priorities - we don't always get our way, but the only way to make any progress is to honestly put effort towards our goals. Be honest with your priorities. Examples for me are especially exercise and meal planning.

MEAL REPLACEMENTS were one of the tools from reinforced at the ASBP (American Society of Bariatric Physicians) meeting I just attended in Seattle. They really help with meal planning, and many people ask me what I use - here are some links:

They are not cheap, but much better price by the box.

Genisoy Bars These are very nice chocolate mint, and pretty chewy.

BALANCE BARS in chocolate chip, honey peanut, and sometimes the Balance Bare are favorites for me - they give good satiety, and are tasty without being "irresistable"

Zone Bars - some are stocked at Costco (usually 2 box sets with Fudge and Peanut Butter), but I like the mint ones best. Target and Fred Meyer stores stock them here in Bellingham.

EAS shakes are a good protein source, and great before the gym.

These are just some of the things I use as an example - it takes time to shop around and find what you won't mind using every day, but won't lose control over. There aren't a lot of foods that I can stock up on without abusing, but these don't seem to tempt me much. If you find a food that you can't keep away from, don't try to keep a stock!!!

I don't count every gram of protein, or every calorie, but it is nice to have a label to read, and to have a pre-limited amount.

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