Saturday, March 09, 2019 Website Intro

Welcome to the BLOG - my WEBSITE will be up in the next few days, but until then, will still be pointed to  I am sorry if the website did not make it in time for the first week of the billboard run - but welcome to my home for education and outreach for care of Diabetes and Weight/Obesity care on the web.

My Home practice in Salt Lake City with partners Dr Christina Richards and Dr Dan Cottam is the Bariatric Medicine institute - to find out more about our services.
Or call for appointment with me or my partners! 801-746-2885

Otherwise, I hope you enjoy my "starter" videos which are new this past month.  I put the "Intro" one at the top and bottom of the stack - just to be easier to find.

Am I a Candidate? (for Bariatric Surgery)

Barriers and Expectations WLS Feb 2019

Mobility and WLS Feb 2019

Conferences (early 2019) MISS, SDTS Drs Phil Schauer, Erik Wilson