Saturday, November 05, 2011

Shame on you KIRO-TV!

This is the most frequent comment after the article/video - and that about sums it up...

Join the Obesity Action Coalition - we need to fight ignorance with education. Stigma is being used here to fuel sensationalism, but we can use this as a starting point for engagement. If KIRO has integrity, they will follow this up with a series of the VALUE of care for Metabolic and Obesity related conditions and mortality.

KIRO-TV Seattle piece that will raise your blood pressure!

I grew up with this sort of loaded language around gender and racial discrimination being widespread. Now those are reduced a bit, or hidden under deeper "coded" language in the media, or hidden from the public view. Discrimination with weight is still open, raw and ugly... and allowed because it is still a commonly held view.

The worst thing about this is the sexism - the hissing voiceover that implies spoiled lazy women, and reeks of the old "welfare queen" name calling. Our country is defended by WHOLE FAMILIES who make sacrifices, and they deserve to be treated with dignity.

I have been interviewed several times for TV and print. It is obvious that those interviewed here were given the impression that this was going to be a fair piece. I dare KIRO to release the full unedited interview tapes, so we can see how this trap was set. Investigative journalism should not be cowardly.

Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Very Sad - Meds have risks, too

This is not to minimize risks of surgery....

I have had several patients with increased Blood Pressure as a side effect of Phentermine.

Death of Bubba Smith - coroner report on E Online