Monday, February 15, 2010

Discrimination even for the famous - Director Kevin Smith

Give Southwest some credit for at least an apology. Many of the comments in the original post are somewhat more nuanced than I usually expect.

They say the worst crime an actress can commit in Hollywood is to gain weight!

Sorry about your issue, Kevin. I have had "the look" when getting on a plane - it's no fun feeling like you are putting others in discomfort, but it was nearly impossible to buy two seats ahead of time when I tried a couple of years ago.

I really appreciate it with my post-op body, being able to fly without that social anxiety.

Interesting that he has a second career as a Jay Leno segment star. Leno is a perfect example of making jokes about obesity that would get him FIRED if you substituted race, gender, or ethnic background.

Diseases with behavioral, environmental, and genetic components include alcoholism, heart disease, and emphysema - and there are a few jokes about Bill Clinton/McDonald's, Hollywood rehab, and Marlboro Man stuff, but not with quite the bite of contempt that we see with obesity.

Kevin is a very smart, strong person (witness especially his "Evening with Kevin Smith" DVD if you are a fan of his movies). Still, the acceptance of a disease is tough. I hope you can take responsibility for making healthy choices without the shame and self blame of unrealistic expectations.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Bellingham, Washington has now been home since August, 2009. Many great things to put into future posts - the new web address WWW.BONUSLIFE.NET

New links to follow for Northwest networking, and to stay in touch with many friends and patients in Northern Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Ontario (hello Thunder Bay!)