Thursday, June 21, 2012

Duodenal Switch, Surgical Robotics

My day yesterday was "activating" for two important areas that I have been circling for several years.

I first sat at the console of a daVinci robot in Spring 2003 while doing "Top Gun" advance laparoscopy training with Dr Butch Rosser in NYC. It was very promising, but surgeons weren't ready yet with fully evolved techniques to use the tool.

As of 2012, that is no longer the case.

I got a chance to hear several great lectures and see operative video of Robotic surgery - the tool is useful in ways that have evolved. Got a chance to test drive the SI model that Billings Clinic owns, and plan to move forward with Advanced training.

Our new focus on metabolism has brought the Duodenal Switch operation back toward the mainstream of thought in our society. Many leaders are proceeding into this procedure with care - but more will be offering this. Also, as we see limitations with Sleeve Gastrectomy, and even with Gastric Bypass, alternatives are necessary, and backup options require that we be masters of all approaches.

Much more to come on these subjects - ask if you want more on a particular topic!


Duodenal Switch Interest Group Homepage

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Progress is not always exciting... But still takes effort

Here at the big meeting - we seem to cover a lot of the same subjects, but every year things move forward.

The sharing and mutual education from around the world, the involvement of more specialties and Allied Health professionals will make best patient care and outcomes.

I am learning so much about successes and challenges of colleagues. Very excited about more minimally invasive approaches, new tools, new thinking.

It's how we improve exponentially faster than by experience alone - instead, it's "experience together"!!

Monday, June 18, 2012

At the Annual ASMBS meeting - San Diego

It is always a treat to run into friends from training, and to see those people who we follow virtually on emails, phone calls, etc.  The first part of the week is dedicated to Allied Health Professionals - and the work they do to keep programs on track is impressive.  Change happens with deliberate effort.  This is a group with passion, focused on delivering high value, high quality care.

The new quality initiative with American College of Surgeons (MBSAQIP) is the next step in making progress for the care we all aspire to.

I wish patients and administrators could see this stuff happen, but the results will speak for themselves!  Data is not easy to obtain for long term care, or for complex disease and treatment.  This new project makes it more affordable, less cumbersome, more useful.

Monday, June 04, 2012

Making progress with Regional Chapter ASMBS ND, SD, WY, MT

Last week (the Saturday of Memorial Day weekend)  Dr Lloyd Stegemann of ASMBS and Joe Nadglowski, President of Obesity Action Coalition gave up time with their families to help Surgeons and Allied Health Practitioners from Colorado, South Dakota, North Dakota, Wyoming, and Montana start Chapters of ASMBS.

Colorado is populous enough to do its own Chapter, but the rest of us are coordinating to form a Dakota/Yellowstone Region chapter.  One surgeon drove through the early morning hours after being on call the night before - from South Dakota!  That is commitment, and I am very proud to be associated with such devoted caregivers.  More to come on this after our national meeting in a couple of weeks!

MOST IMPORTANTLY!!!  The influence we can all have together - our competition is not other towns, surgeons, or hospitals - it is limited access to care...

I am excited to help lots of people in our region join OAC, and to make a difference in the health of so many.  If we are able, we will partner with employers, insurers, hospitals, equipment makers, and legislators to eliminate the institutional bias that keeps people from evidence based care!

Please take some time to explore the links over on the right side of the Blog.  I am learning WordPress, and will be making this more dynamic, but the basics are not hard to find.

Thank you for caring, thank you MORE for signing up for OAC, and making your voice count!