Wednesday, June 30, 2010

SIMPLE Timer tools for Eating, Separating Fluids from Solid

I saw a great timer/ eating utensil set at ASMBS meeting last week - I think they are very useful looking, and sure to get even more refined. I look forward to getting feedback from users.

I haven't had too much problem eating too fast, but know that is a long term issue for patients. Actually, I think many eat so fast in 10 minutes that they can't finish a reasonable amount of food, then get "hungry" an hour later (or spend 20 minutes washing down food with immediate liquids) , then next thing you know, they are "grazers"!!!

This tool for the Treo/Palm platform helped me watch time go by over a 30 minute timer for meals. Kept me pacing my bites, then a followup 45 minute clock reminded me when I could drink after my last bite.

It is very easy to set up all sorts of custom timers - and tickles me that it is borrowed from the meditation world! This is mindfulness! Seriously, though, I do try to meditate, but exercise seems to be my main meditation.

Found a similarly reviewed product for those with an iPhone or iPod Touch - looks to be just as good. I can honestly say this type of tool may save people a lot of painful drift away from healthy habits.

Here are some comments on it

Finally - FOOD LOG, and EXERCISE LOG are critical for me - but I have NO fancy, or even basic software.... Just make an entry every day in my Calendar (on Palm, but will migrate to Google Calendar when get new smart phone..) and put my meal time and a basic description under the "note" attached to the "food Log" event. Super Easy, Super Fast - but totally on the record!

With exercise, I just enter it directly on the Calendar as an event - "Run 30*** Northshore Trail, Lift C/S/T (my abbreviation for Chest/Shoulder/Triceps)*** 6 sets, 15 minutes Weight ___ @ gym

I only put down my weight a couple times a week, but do get on the scale every day. My other "Lifts" are B/B for Back/Bicep, and L/A for Legs/Abdominals. For me, a three way breakdown keeps the lifting brief enough that I get it done in 15-30 minutes, so have very little excuse not to get it in at least 3 times per week. If I try to do it all at once, it gets overwhelming. That's where everyone has to figure out what works for their life and personality.

Keep it simple, but don't try to live totally unstructured!!! We all need SELF support first and foremost.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Infertility, Cardiac risks

Just a quick couple of links to come back to later - want to spend some time on the maternal issue from Quebec data showing improved obesity rates in children born after mom had Bariatric Surgery (duodenal switch in that clinic)

We just had a great lecture two weeks ago from a Seattle OB/Gyn whose clinic has stopped doing IVF in any patient over BMI 50 - looks like those in the article below have even tighter criteria.

In vitro fertilization failure rates in obese moms

Also, this issue is in the news today after a major Diabetes Conference just ended. 100,000 extra heart attacks, failure, strokes, deaths possible with this single drug - wow! It is very commonly used. I don't think we have enough respect for how complex the systems are that we manipulate. Surgery is certain to have risks, but they are not usually so insidious.

Avandia bad outcomes for 100,000 - Event rate more than 1 in 60?