Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Canadian impressions

I have been attending the monthly lectures at University of British Columbia - and got a chance to talk today with a few key players today in Vancouver. There is strong advocacy for Diabetes and Obesity issues there. Many thanks for the time!

One great piece of info is this: (unfortunately it is likely too late for me to try to get there)

McGill - First Canadian Summit on Surgery for Type II Diabetes

PDF of Diabetes Report

Metabolic Surgery Article Links (from Summit Website)

Dr Christou is the McGill surgeon who is part of the team behind the landmark Quebec study showing tremendous survival benefit with Bariatric Surgery in Quebec. Dr Rubino from Cornell (see other postings below) is co-chair.

Canadians enjoy 2.7 years more (and healthier) life than those in USA
ScienceDaily (2010-04-28) -- Compared to their neighbors south of the border, Canadians live longer, healthier lives. Research has found this disparity between the two countries, suggesting that America's lack of universal health care and lower levels of social and economic equality are to blame.

Some useful links specific for Canadians ----

UBC Department of Surgery

Victoria - Drs Amson and Tang I think this is the only active program doing all types of Bariatric Surgery - but haven't met them personally yet.

BC Association of Bariatric Advocates

Vancouver's Lap Band center (False Creek Surgery Center)

Canadian Center for Functional Medicine

Obesity Help's BC messageboard

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