Saturday, August 14, 2010

Sunday, August 08, 2010

Evidence at Endocrinology conference - Gastric Bypass Superior

Bariatric Surgery in Diabetic Adults Improves Insulin Sensitivity Better Than Diet, Study Finds

And yet the last paragraph (see link) Dr Korner appears to have an attitude of "well, we will research this" rather that "we need to get THIS tool to the sick people who need it" Maybe I am overly sensitive, likely her statements are very selectively edited (ie., maybe it is the reporter's bias), but where is the call to action for the excellent tool we already have?

Are researchers only interested in supporting the pharmaceutical industry? I honestly don't think so, but you would be hard pressed to show evidence otherwise from this article.

If your endocrinologist, dietitian, insurer, or employer want to ignore evidence, you need to get this article to them by registered mail!

Friday, August 06, 2010

More articles on epigenetics, life expectancy

Intrauterine environment important for later obesity risk

One of many studies showing that it's not just the DNA, but the womb that are important factors in predisposition to obesity.

(and another annoying "headless" photo - dehumanizing heavy people, and making the excuse of privacy)

Below are articles to bring to your HR director at work (especially the last one - shows them they are not just losing money having increased health costs...) Many seem to ignore the fact that newly treated WLS patients are often the most enthusiastic, loyal employees! Also, those who are the sickest are least likely to change jobs, due to worry about any new job not covering pre-existing conditions. Companies need to invest in treating this disease - but they need to be educated, and offered organized programs. To their credit, some insurers are actually working on this (I will deny saying most nice things about insurers, but they are not all bad)

Increasing Loss of Life to Obesity

Obese Employees Take More Sick Leave

Finally, I had a very nice visit tonight with a support group at Virginia Mason, and last night with the group here in Bellingham. Both groups are super impressive - both with good listening leaders, and great sharing, discussions, and real SUPPORT! I certainly felt supported as a patient - thanks!

Wednesday, August 04, 2010

More evidence on individual vulnerability to obesity

link to report on Science Daily

Tell your skinny friends - we're not all wired the same! This doesn't mean we can stop worrying about lifestyle, food choices, etc - but hopefully will keep people from completely blaming themselves... (see at least 5 posts below for the theme of "taking responsibility without shame/blame"!!!)