Saturday, April 05, 2014

Announcement - move to Salt Lake City, Utah - Bariatric Medicine Institute!!!

Dudley is ready!

Web page for BMI Utah

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Hello to all. I am very happy to announce that I will be joining Drs. Christina Richards and Dan Cottam at the Bariatric Medicine Institute in Salt Lake City. The office is right across the street from Salt Lake Regional Medical Center, where the majority of surgery is performed, and where they have an Intuitive Da Vinci SI top of the line surgical robot, as well as High Resolution Manometry and all the Center of Excellence equipment, staff, and pathways for GREAT patient care!!!

Dr Cottam was my "hands-on" trainer 11 years ago when he was in his advanced fellowship with Dr Phillip Schauer at UPMC. He continues to be a surgical leader, and is widely published and internationally recognized.

Sarah and I are personally thrilled at the opportunities for professional and personal growth in such a vibrant metropolis. As for recreation - you literally couldn't put the mountains and water any closer!

I am excited also to explore the creation of an advanced Hernia Center at Salt Lake Regional - look for progress updates.

I hope also to have a Montana outreach clinic, and to keep up with all available advancements for telemedicine and convenient, value added follow up for post surgical patients. Look for lots more video on the Website soon (see link above).

THANK YOU so very much to all who have made this a joyous transition. It is never easy to move, and my most sincere wish is to maintain care for those who need it, regardless of the location. This is definitely a challenge that medicine continues to address.

This week, SAGES (the leading Minimally Invasive Surgery association) has been meeting in SLC, and is worthy of a dozen blog posts!!! If you are curious, they have many tweets with the hashtag #SAGES2014 or their homepage

MUCH LOVE! Also, thanks especially to all of you who took the time to post such wonderful comments to my last blog post, or who have reached out through social media or personally…

Oh - my cell phone will be changing in a few weeks, so here is our office contact info (also on links above)

Bariatric Medicine Institute
1046 East 100 South
Salt Lake City, Utah 84012