Sunday, December 04, 2016

Open Enrollment for Health Insurance - should you FIRE your carrier? Dia...

Let"s get social on #Twitter! Yes, it's time to join - #obsm topic today 9EST - great intro! #obesity #diabetes #wls

I hope any of you with interest in Obesity, Diabetes, or related issues will join Twitter just to check out TODAY's CHAT starting at 9PM Eastern (that's 7pm #Utah time). The AMSBS is sponsoring a great new way to stay connected that has worked very well for other Health Topics.

DON'T BE SHY - you can just lurk and listen! It is nice to say "I'm on" just as an introduction, but not required.

Here is one useful link - Allies for Health Intro

Signing up for Twitter is super easy, also - No credit card or anything like that.

Hope to see you all there!

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

053 Dr Walter Medlin A Bonus Life - Podcast last year with Reeger Cortell FNP

053 Dr Walter Medlin A Bonus Life

This is more of me than I know myself.   Reeger is a great interviewer (and caregiver)

It's a long listen, but we get into some VERY important subjects.  So happy to have a record of current thoughts on issues.  As we learn, expect some of these opinions to evolve.

075 Bariatric Surgery Rules? Second visit with the wonderful Reeger Cortell FNP podcast!!!

075 Bariatric Surgery Rules? A talk with Dr Walter Medlin

I didn't say the words during this interview, as I did last time.   I have a strong inclination to the words of the great surgeon and advocate Dr Kelvin Higa... "the only rule is that there are no rules!"

This means to me that we focus only on outcomes, and do not become attached to any single approach.  If it works, we want to know why, when, and for who!  No rule is perfect for every situation...  (maybe I could go with "always be as kind as possible"!)   Hope you enjoy the podcast, or any of her awesome work - highly recommend episode 74 with Dr Randy Seeley

Monday, September 05, 2016

Saturday, May 28, 2016

Hype and conflict of interest are both dangerous in 2016

I love progress. Doing things safer, more effectively, more efficiently is always a goal. But our desire for progress is exploited every day by overblown or unproven assertions about all sorts of things - products, procedures, services.

Unreasonable expectations actually get in the way of progress. I am trying to be more moderate, and try the new with caution, but faith that some of these overhyped trends still have real value - just in the appropriate place (not everywhere, all the time)

Not to be too cryptic - specifically robotic/endoluminal/image guided surgery is awesome, but the revolution may be mixed! Also - as a Mindfulness advocate and practitioner, I do not believe it will (or needs to) change every aspect of my being... or cure asthma!

Self driving cars are gonna change the world in unbelievable ways - all that free time is gonna make us less sleepy and more connected and maybe even better educated! So there's some hype from me ;-)

maybe I'll leave conflict of interest for another day...

Sunday, May 22, 2016

Trying something new - very short posts

I have always tried to write in essay form. That may cause my writer's block. I have plenty to say - just not very polished.

The world really is getting more complicated, and many (most) of us really are getting more stressed. I overextend myself regularly, and have to "declare failure" and back off a bit. FOMO - fear of missing out - is the millennial term for it.

One of my awesome attending in residency gave me a TWO WORD evaluation when I first worked for him! I was ashamed, but came to realize that he was truly insightful, and his stern eval also had a decent number score with it (at least 3 out of 5...) so it wasn't a condemnation.

Thank you, Dr Lowell Bursch - for those two true and useful words. --- "Easily Overwhelmed"