Sunday, July 01, 2018

Some Ruts are Grooves... and it is a Challenge when they END

Oh boy - my true north has always been moderate exercise. As Dr Sayeed Ikramuddin told me "you will rarely find a WLS patient who has totally fallen off the tracks if they have a regular exercise program"

That doesn't mean "I go when I can" or "When the weather is nice, I..." or "I don't go if I can't get a full hour in" It means that the person can look you in the eye, and say "I exercise - if not with my regular plan, then with some other way!"

Well, for me Plan A has been the Front Training Room in SLC for over 2.5 years. It has been the best place and the best coaching ever, ever, ever! I used to try to do my own plan, and spend reasonable effort - but never really made progress, and kept the stale routine for months on end. With the FTR, I didn't have the hassle of personal trainer appointments, but a custom plan made new every 6 or 8 weeks, regular progress checks, coaches who were in the gym several hours a day for form checks, advice, etc.

Luckily, that all stays the same - BUT.. The very SWEEEEEET private gym where the program happened has been rolled into the larger Front Climbing Gym open workout area. It brings back that public feeling that makes many of us shy away from the gym. I have been so spoiled! I am always happier with only a few people around - enough to inspire me (why I don't do my own basement very well), but not so many I feel in the way.

Challenge! The average age in the regular side is about 25 years younger than me, and in wicked good shape. I NEED to make this work, and I will, but it is taking some time.

It has been hard to get as excited about going - used to be the highlight of my day! The gym is wonderful, but I was feeling guilty about not wanting to go... Self acceptance - recognizing barriers works to keep things on the rails (other things have thrown me off this last year: back sprain, travel chaos, one bad cold, etc...)

Looking forward to the new groove!!!