Sunday, December 04, 2016

Open Enrollment for Health Insurance - should you FIRE your carrier? Dia...

Let"s get social on #Twitter! Yes, it's time to join - #obsm topic today 9EST - great intro! #obesity #diabetes #wls

I hope any of you with interest in Obesity, Diabetes, or related issues will join Twitter just to check out TODAY's CHAT starting at 9PM Eastern (that's 7pm #Utah time). The AMSBS is sponsoring a great new way to stay connected that has worked very well for other Health Topics.

DON'T BE SHY - you can just lurk and listen! It is nice to say "I'm on" just as an introduction, but not required.

Here is one useful link - Allies for Health Intro

Signing up for Twitter is super easy, also - No credit card or anything like that.

Hope to see you all there!