Tuesday, July 19, 2011

When will Obesity become a conservative hot button?

Conservatives should care about obesity for their own valid reasons

When they run the country "like a business" we had better make sure our employees (and wards) are cheap to keep, and very productive! It's not cost of health care that's a problem, it's lack of value.

We will get more "Bang for the Buck" from Evidence based medicine - and obesity care has the very best evidence! (thanks to Dr Dixon, as well as Dr Rubino, Cohen, Schauer, Morton, Shikora, Pories, Sugerman, Buchwald... too many to list on one screen!)

Looking forward to visiting ANYONE in DC willing to take leadership on access to care. Many thanks to Rep Edolphus Towns for giving us a great start on the Obamacare side. You sir, are a leader!

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