Thursday, July 28, 2011

Mild Obesity much more Risky in South Asians...

This is one of the primary reasons I relocated to Bellingham. This article confirms in Canada what the research in India and China have been saying for several years.

McMaster University research for increased susceptibility in South Asians with mild obesity

Unfortunately, the epidemic of Diabetes and Metabolic Syndrome seems to be ignored by the politicians and public health officials in British Columbia. Other provinces recognize the role of surgery in effective treatment, and the need for large scale, coordinated efforts to combat this. Maybe it is latent racism against immigrants, because the medical leaders in Vancouver are certainly fighting the good fight to make the facts known in the halls of power.

What needs to happen is for the community to speak out - and be heard "loud and clear"...

"Many Canadians of South Asian descent -- as well as those of Aboriginal, African and Chinese descent -- are experiencing historic levels of risk for heart disease and stroke. It is only through research like this that we can learn how better to treat and prevent these diseases, so lives are not cut short," said Mary Lewis, vice-president, research, advocacy and health promotion of the Heart and Stroke Foundation of Ontario. "The Heart and Stroke Foundation of Ontario is proud to support such important work."
Dr. Arya Sharma, director of the Canadian Obesity Network and a co-author of the study said: "This study helps explain why South Asians experience weight-related health problems at lower BMI levels than Caucasians. For the clinician, this also means that individuals of South Asian heritage need to be screened for the presence of heart disease and diabetes at lower BMIs."

Indeed - screening and research are important - but deploying known effective tools should not be delayed. Lives are being lost unneccesarily - every day. Why doesn't BC allow 5,000 operations per year, instead of 50?

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