Wednesday, June 22, 2011

So much news - here's a taste! (more to follow)

I have a lot of stories and updates from last week's meeting of the ASMBS and Monday"s OAC Capitol Hill visit...

Things to give news on:

Essential Health Benefit - next few months are crucial for access to care! - Expect this to be the theme of many future posts.
PLEASE lend your voice - it really makes a difference when legislators hear directly from you!!!

The CHOICE Campaign is one way to have immediate impact Click here to sign the open letter

Rural access to care - new ASMBS President Dr Robin Blackstone is personally involved in making the Center of Excellence system work for patients and programs.

Surgery for Metabolic Disease in Class I Obesity (BMI 30-35), and the limitations of BMI to make individual health decisions
There are large studies underway which likely will deliver the highest level of evidence to support care - but they are not yet completed. Many other studies without true randomization already clearly show benefits.

Duodenal Switch - getting much more exposure in debates and as viable alternative to Gastric Bypass in selected groups

State by state advocacy and networks growing

New national advocacy programs and networks of organizations working together

As we always expect - vigorous exchange of ideas for new approaches and tools - this is maybe more conservative than in previous meetings, but there is still a lot of work going forward

Excellent basic science keynote and public health keynote

Recession seems to be impacting growth, but perhaps less enthusiasm for the Adjustable Gastric Band is slowing some programs, also.

Gastric Plication / Imbrication experience growing - promising data even over several years in some overseas reports

I have several pages of notes, that may just get put up with minimal editing to at least minimize my procrastination! It is a blog, after all, not an epistle!

Forgive me for "dropping names" in future posts, but so many of these folks work so tremendously hard and are so smart - they deserve massive credit!!!! My only worry is incomplete notes - don't want to offend anyone by failing to recognize!

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