Wednesday, June 01, 2011

A Long Way to Understanding Obesity

Here is a little secret your doc won't easily give up... We know a LOT about HOW diseases happen, but we don't know exactly why! What is the difference? Well, just because I can't tell you how you got appendicitis - doesn't mean we can't save your life from it.

Not all diseases are preventable all the time, or I wouldn't be up at night taking out appy's! Also, diseases that we have known causes for still happen.

My point is that childhood obesity EFFECTIVE TREATMENT should not wait for full understanding. Keep working on it, scientists, but let's get the multidisciplinary treatment teams together and do something in the meantime.

If your kid needed a life saving kidney transplant, how old would you require him or her to be to prepare and consent for surgery?

Childhood Obesity Research - YAY!

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