Monday, June 28, 2010

Infertility, Cardiac risks

Just a quick couple of links to come back to later - want to spend some time on the maternal issue from Quebec data showing improved obesity rates in children born after mom had Bariatric Surgery (duodenal switch in that clinic)

We just had a great lecture two weeks ago from a Seattle OB/Gyn whose clinic has stopped doing IVF in any patient over BMI 50 - looks like those in the article below have even tighter criteria.

In vitro fertilization failure rates in obese moms

Also, this issue is in the news today after a major Diabetes Conference just ended. 100,000 extra heart attacks, failure, strokes, deaths possible with this single drug - wow! It is very commonly used. I don't think we have enough respect for how complex the systems are that we manipulate. Surgery is certain to have risks, but they are not usually so insidious.

Avandia bad outcomes for 100,000 - Event rate more than 1 in 60?

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