Thursday, May 27, 2010

Obesity Action Coalition - new campaign

I just got a paper copy of the magazine yesterday.

Your Weight Matters website

Not sure if it is replacing their regular magazine, or a separate publication, but it is very well written, and I think the campaign is admirable! We have to be empowered as a group, and this is how it happens!

There is a great article about Minorities - covering cultural and genetic issues. The Airline seat policy controversy is thoroughly addressed, and there are other great articles on advocacy, preop anxiety, and postop nutrition and mobility challenges.

I really commend OAC for taking on the controversies of Fattertainment and Childhood obesity also. Bigotry survives in our society by hiding in the shadows - those who struggled against all sorts of discrimination in decades and centuries past are very strong shoulders to stand on, but they have also shown that it requires real courage and active work!

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