Monday, July 07, 2014

Importance of Body Composition - rechecking over time (a cautionary tale)

I was lucky a few months ago to start using Sarah's trainer in Billings. Riley Stephenson is at Granite Health and Fitness - wonderful guy and very knowledgable... So we do body composition as part of my orientation. Remember that I am a mild but frequent lifter - but know that my intensity is low. Good shape but not great shape.

Out of work - doing job search while I do 10 steady weeks of 2-3 30 minute lifting sessions per week with Riley. HARD lifting, at least 5 times more effort and time than my normal. Get a lot stronger, and balance training as a bonus!

However, this was a stressful time, and I had more TIME TO EAT... My weight ran 202-205 pounds mostly, but got down to 199 pounds the week I left Billings Clinic - devastated. Well, by mid-may my weight is UP to 212 pounds or more. -figure I am just losing my grip, and start to think all the horrible stuff we WLS patients do when "failing".

As we get set to move to SLC, I ask Riley to recheck my body composition - mainly to know how bad my damage is from all this extra eating (tried to do mostly protein, but definitely made a dent in protein bars,hummus,cheese, yogurt, smoked salmon more than I should have)

Long story short - GAINED OVER 10 POUNDS of MUSCLE!!! Actually lost 2 pounds of fat. Please remember this lesson (we say it all the time, but I still doubted) - your weight is not the only measure of your progress or health.

I plan to do body comps at least twice a year now and forever - what a motivation, and humbling lesson for me as an "expert" - ha!

Hope this inspires, or at least stimulates you on your journey - peace.

PS - look out for videos - Dr Cottam is really committed to supporting YouTube content, and I intend to contribute!

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Lesli said...

Thank you for sharing this! I have been very active, running, biking etc... And had gained a few pounds. I truly felt I was going the wrong way. Nice reminder! You are greatly missed in Billings, I hope all is well in SLC.