Tuesday, August 21, 2012

First Sleeve Gastrectomy Operations at Billings Clinic!

Thanks so much to the dedicated OR and surgical floor teams that made yesterday's cases go so nicely! People are really pitching in to make things go smoothly - from the RN team lead who came in on her day off, to our Physician Assistant who stayed to back up Dr Murray, and did such a great job driving the laparoscope, to our great questions from nursing staff, and the equipment vendors who are making real cutting edge tools available to us here!

Thanks also to our patients for being extra patient with new processes and materials, and for giving us great feedback!

We have an information session tonight - always a treat!

Why not put in a picture just for fun - this will remind me to do more in the future.
Say Hi to my pill organizers!  One is for AM, the other for afternoon/evening.
I have been reading "The Power of Habit" and realize that a lot of our suggestions are to make easy to follow new habits...  This is the only way I can be even 80% compliant with meds/vitamins (and Devrom!)

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