Sunday, April 17, 2011

Call for "Dirty Dozen" Ignoring Evidence for Diabetes, Obesity Access to Care

I have been saving some of these up last few weeks on call - hoping to get PeaceHealth to change its out of date access to care restrictions that are anything but "evidence based" (quote from PeaceHealth Mission Statement)

If you want to send me your organization's absurd restrictions, I will post a "dirty dozen worst plans in Washington State' after the ObesityHelp meeting in Seattle this June.

HERE ARE SOME GREAT EXAMPLES OF THE EVIDENCE TO FOLLOW (just in case any executives happen to read this post)

ASMBS statement for Access to Care

Britain's National Health Service Diabetes Study

Wow! Here's a great quote from a socialized medicine perspective!
Alberic Fiennes, a bariatric surgeon and chairman of the National Bariatric Surgery Registry (NBSR) Data Committee, said the treatment should be made more widely available on the NHS.

"An approach that limits treatment to a fraction of those who would benefit is one which the NHS will rue in years to come as these patients become an unsustainable burden on the health service," he said.

"Prevention strategy alone has proved ineffective; there are at least two generations of morbidly obese patients who are now presenting with diabetes, stroke, heart disease and cancer for whom preventative measures are utterly irrelevant."

International Diabetes Federation Statement

IDF press release

Increased Heart Disease Risk for Teens

Arkansas State Employee coverage


Christina said...

I think this a "evidence" based statement

"The authors argue that by reducing the associated costs of obesity, such as treatment for diabetes, bariatric surgery offers "a real bargain for the health economy and for wider society".

Walt Medlin said...

I was not clear in my original post, so have modified... These are great examples of evidence - but too many organizations are ignoring, and we should make that discrimination public.

Christina said...

I agree whole heartedly!