Monday, January 24, 2011

Economic Study of Obesity Cost

Very High cost of obesity to the Individual

Very sorry that this is not common knowledge....
So many patients don't think they are worth the investment, or that they will see benefit.

Paying for healthcare goes against the grain for many of us - but the hard truth in this economy is that help is NOT necessarily on the way from government, employers, or institutions (argh!)

What is to be done? We have to work in a community for advocacy, but not expect immediate results.

In the short term, my goal is to provide service as affordably as possible. This means keeping materials and handouts fairly basic, and depending on people to use online access to "extras" Every cost moderating decision we make helps keep us from having a "gold plated" price structure. We aim to be a bit like Costco - clean, friendly, value based. If you want posh surroundings, we can recommend a couple of really nice hotels!!!

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