Friday, September 17, 2010

Irony from Ontario

Diabetes risks for pregnancy, baby in Ontario

The blind eye of policy as it relates to evidence. The quote at the end is just priceless - a glib pronouncement about prioritizing Diabetes prevention and treatment (as related to a very expensive study) in the same year that Ontario slashes the access of its patients to out of country care.

The real message is that millions are available to study and publish, but don't actually treat the greater population. Sorry for our Ontario peers - you are victims, but not alone in the world of policy hypocrisy.

Just to clarify - we need research, it just needs to translate into rational care. At some point, "we need more information" becomes a delaying tactic at the Governmental Level...

When your Minister of Health takes action based on evidence of Diabetes remission (hint hint) - I will eagerly highlight that here, too!

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